Found: One Craving For Everything

Found: One Craving For Everything

"I'm not pregnant!" I said again, because I liked the way it sounded flying out of my mouth.

"I'll bet you ten bucks you're having a baby," Ben laughed, his face glowing with excitement and pride.

"Oh yeah? I'll bet you twenty bucks I'm not!"

I mean, really. What did Ben know about pregnancy anyway? He didn't even have boobs.


Emily Swanson unexpectedly finds herself pregnant after three years of marriage and without warning is launched into nine months of twists and turns on the journey to motherhood.

Why is she craving orange juice and cheese curls? Will she ever stop crying? Does she really need to buy maternity underwear? Are breasts for fun...or for feeding? Why are all the baby names her husband suggests completely stupid? And must she give up her Bedroom Goddess sash just because she's turned on her internal Easy Bake Oven?

Life is tough in the Pregnant Twilight Zone. Will Emily survive?

Yes. But only with the help of chocolate raspberry ice cream.

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"Shay Ray Stevens does it again with her funny and oh-so-true story about pregnancy. This had me laughing til I was crying because every chapter is SO TRUE LIFE!"

— Brandy C. —

"My favorite features are her "Boys are stupid" rants which will have you holding your stomach in laughter and her impromptu, sassy, human and irreverent prayers! With chapters like "Pregnant Boobs" (my absolute favorite by the way!) and "Eating for 1 and 1/4" I promise, you are in for a hilarious read."

— Raeah —

"This book was upbeat and hilarious! I absolutely loved watching Emily go through pregnancy and all of the things that come with it. Stevens hits the mark with the highs and lows of pregnancy."

— Nichol —