Shay Ray Stevens

Welcome, I’m Shay Ray…

Fiction author. Cuddler of doggos. Drinker of Whiskey.
Decent person…no matter what my characters say.

— Coming Soon —

The Same

“Monsters have always existed, dear. And they’ve always looked a lot like you and me.”

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Enter stage right and prepare for the dark brilliance found in The Me You See.

Reviews for The Me You See

“A compelling, timely, and affecting book that sticks with you long after the final page. I cannot recommend The Me You See highly enough.”   — D. Wimmer

“On the surface, Stefia appears to be the the perfect young girl – warm, funny, intelligent – but as the book progresses we find the truth about Stefia is far more complex than first appears.”   — Dylan Hearn

Looking for something lighter?
Check out Shay Ray's early work: Lost and Found

Lost: One Pair of Rose Colored Glasses

Emily Swanson has finally married her knight in shining armor, but there's just one problem: she seems to have lost her pair of rose colored glasses. Can she survive the first year of marriage without them?

Found: One Craving For Everything

Emily unexpectedly finds herself pregnant after three years of marriage and without warning is launched into nine months of twists and turns on the journey to motherhood.