It's Not About the Money... except when it is

It's Not About Money...except when it is

This book is not about frugal living, except when it is. This is no ordinary financial savings book. Sure, it has some tips and tricks you can use to save a few bucks, but it's more about the mindset of spending. It's about coming to terms with where you are in life, and the steps you'll need to take to reach your goals. It will help you figure out why you're in competition with yourself and others, and why it's so hard to have a non-judgmental conversation about money.

This book is for the rest of us. It's for people who are tired of the standard frugal living advice. This book is for folks who need to hear something other than “cut the cable television". You know, the cable television you already don't have.

It's Not About Money will make you take an honest look at how money fits into your life, with equal parts compassion, sass, and slap-yo'-face truth.

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"This book filled a hole that I've had ever since I've been on top of my financing. Amy was able to talk to me about how I FEEL about money, what I think when I spend my money, how I judge our society about how THEY spend their money. And she does it all while making me feel like I was talking with my girlfriend over coffee at the dining room table."

— Kimberly McKinney —

"I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable in the area of financial management. Still, Amy Dingmann managed to show me some areas I needed to change. To be honest, I was shocked and motivated to make those changes."

— B. Lowry —

"This isn’t your average ‘Cut This to Save That’ book. Amy goes beyond the typical savings tips and gets straight to the heart of the money matter. It is thought-provoking, with timeless information that will give you a fresh perspective on your own personal definition of money, savings, and living frugally."

— Julie A Murphree —