Amy Dingmann

Welcome, I’m Amy…

Author. Speaker. Eater of ice cream with marshmallows on top. Still afraid of sea monsters.

I write about my homesteading adventures at A Farmish Kind of Life. I also write about parenting and homeschooling at The Hmmmschooling Mom.

A Farmish Kind of Life

The Hmmmschooling Mom

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Gifts that Can't be Wrapped

Some of the best gifts we will ever receive can’t be wrapped. Our job is to notice them when they are given.

"Solid, realistic advice. Author pulls no punches and tells it like it is. If you're ready to face your financial reality, this is the book for you."   — Ms. Barlow

"This is the book you need when you've done everything you can think of and feel like you're failing. It's really not about money, but how we see it and ourselves."   — R.M. Neely

"Loved this book! A very encouraging and funny and UNIFYING book for homeschoolers."   — Angela Rohde

"This book is just what I needed. The good, the bad, the ugly. It's like chatting with your best girlfriend over coffee/wine. I want everyone to read it! I especially love that she includes dads perspective."   — D.W.